About Fascofas.com
Fascofas.com is a highly specialized wholesale distributor of High Quality Screws, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Anchors & Fasteners to specific Industries and applications. Since 1999 Fasco Fastener & Industrial Supply Corp has been serving its national customer base with Free Delivery and Same Day Shipping. The company was initially founded in 1999 in Columbus, Ohio as a local distributor of nuts and bolts. Over time it became a specialized regional supplier then a national one to specific industries and applications. Since 2004 Fasco Fastener has been shipping same day out of it's warehouse in Atlanta, Georgia.

Fascofas.com specializes in the following products:


Woodworking Cabinet Furniture Screws Fasteners

Woodworking Screws & Fasteners
Fascofas.com stocks a big variety of sizes and types of screws for all Woodworking, Cabinet & Furniture Projects. Whether it is Screws and Fasteners for Assembly and Installation, or for Pocket Holes, Slides, Hinges or Screws for Drawer Fronts Fascofas.com has them all. Various Head Styles are in stock from Flat Head, to Pan, to Round Washer to Truss Heads. Zinc Plated, Black or Plain Dri-Lube Finishes are offered. Coarse or Fine Thread Screws are available. Screws with Type-17 Wood Drilling Auger Points as well as Metal Self Drilling Point screws are in stock. Whether you prefer Square, Phillips, Torx(Star) or Combo Drive Fascofas.com has them all.


Deck Dock Fasteners Hot Dipped Galvanized Bolts Coated Stainless Deck Screws

Deck & Dock Building Screws, Bolts, Fasteners
Fascofas.com specializes in bolts, screws and a big variety of fasteners for Deck Building or Marine Boat Dock Building Constructions. If it is Hot Dipped Galvanized Carriage Bolts, or Hex Bolts, or Hex Lag Screws, Nuts and Washers, or Deck Screws in Coated-Steel, 305 Stainless or 316 Stainless materials for Treated Lumber or Composite Deck Boards Fascofas.com has them all. Also in stock are your favorite fasteners from your favorite brands like QuikDrive Collated Screws, Timber Screws from Simpson Strong Tie, Fastenmaster Ledgerloks, Headloks, Cortex, along with Camo Brand Screws, HidFast and more.

Anchors Toggler Snaptoggles Snapskrus Concrete Screws EZ Anchors Flat Head Sleeve Anchors Wegde Anchors Lag Shields

Anchors - Toggler Brand Snaptoggles, Wej-It Wedge Anchors, EZ Anchors

Fascofas.com stocks Toggler Brand Snaptoggles, Snapskrus and other Drywall Anchors. Also available are Wej-It Brand Wedge Anchors and Flat Head Sleeve Anchors. Fascofas.com also supplies E-Z Anchors, Flat Head Concrete Screws, Hex Washer Head Concrete Screws and more

Garage Door Fasteners 7-16 Head Self Drilling Screws Sheet Metal Lag Screws Bolts Nuts WAshers

Garage Door Installation Screws Bolts Fasteners

Fascofas.com also specializes in fasteners used in Garage Door Installation such as 7/16 Head Self Drilling Screws, 7/16 Head Sheet Metal Screws with High Heads or Regular Heads, Fully Threaded Hex Bolts, Nuts, Washers and more.


HVAC Sheet Metal Self Piercing Self Drilling Ductork Screws Fasteners

HVAC Ductwork Screws and Fasteners

Self Piercing Sheet Metal Screws and Self Drilling Screws are available used in HVAC Ductwork and Installations. High Head or Regular Heigh Heads Available for the Hex Washer Self Drilling Screws.


Hollow Metal Door Frame Fasteners Flat Head Sleeve Anchors Wood Screws

Hollow Metal Door & Frame Installation Screws Anchors

Fascofas.com also specializes in 3/8" Diameter Flat head Wood Screws along with 3/8" Diameter Flat Head Sleeve Anchors used in Hollow Metal Doors & Frame Installations and Assembly. Also in stock are Oval Head Self-Drilling Screws.